The BRC’s New Repeater!

The Bunbury Radio Club has a new brand new 2 m Repeater! The new equipment and improved antenna system is expected to provide enhanced coverage over the Southwest Region.

Alek (VK6APK) and Nick (VK6NA)  have provided the following photos and description of the installation.

Equipment Rack


The VK6RBY Equipment Rack

The picture of the rack shows the 70cm repeater above the new 2m
repeater above the 2m cavity filters. The 70cm cavities are behind the
repeater units. If you zoom in, you can just see a portion. The bottom
of the rack holds the power supply.

Antenna Array


The VK6RBY 2m and 70 cm Antenna Array 

The antenna picture shows the 70cm 2 folded dipole array at the top right. The lower left is the 2m 4 folded dipole array.

The VHF antennas are aligned to give the maximum radiation towards
Preston Beach. This allows access from the metro area, right around to

The UHF antenna is pointed towards Bunbury and should offer good
coverage from Mandurah, to maybe Collie.

Antenna Tower & Hut


The Tower and Hut



The Tower and Hut

The hut pictures show the hut and the base of the massive mast. A single stainless steel wire is drawn across from the mast to the hut. A piece of 65mm PVC pipe is slung on the wire and the three antennas.  The feed-lines go through that pipe to terminate at the lightning arresters in the wall plate on the side of the hut.

The two VK6RBY antenna feed-lines are new LDF4-50A cable.


Final Thoughts

The 70cm repeater should be on the air by mid to late next week.

Please enjoy using the repeaters. It would be really great if every
member had their radio on the repeaters whenever they are in the shack
or mobile. It would be even better, if we hear anybody put out a call,
no matter who they are, we acknowledge them and perhaps have a short
yarn. Even if you hear someone key up the repeater without identifying,
just grab the mike and throw your callsign in. You never know, they
might be our next new member.







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1 Response to The BRC’s New Repeater!

  1. y3a16963 says:

    The photos show an excellent installation. Peter VK6 PBS


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