The Bunbury Radio Club holds monthly get togethers and a formal meeting quarterly during the afternoon of the 2nd Saturday of each month.

These get togethers and meetings are held at the QTH (location) of one of our members in South Bunbury. Visitors are always welcome to attend.

Meeting Location: 21 Halsey Street, South Bunbury.
Meetings and get togethers are held in the club house which is through the gate at the side of the property.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is the Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will be held on Saturday, July 9th, commencing at 14:00.

Meeting/Get Together Calendar

During the Club’s financial year, meetings and get togethers are held as follows:-

  • July – Meeting (This meeting includes the AGM)
  • August – Monthly get together
  • September – Monthly get together
  • October – Meeting
  • November – Monthly get together
  • December – Monthly get together
  • January – Meeting
  • February – Monthly get together
  • March – Monthly get together
  • April – Meeting
  • May – Monthly get together
  • June – Monthly get together

Last Updated: 17 June, 2016