Jarrad VK6FFAR’s Portable Excursion in Nannup

Jarrad VK6FFAR portable in NannupOn Saturday, May 28th, I  decided to venture out to Tank 7 in Nannup, high on the hill, next to the old fire fighting water tanks. This date and good vantage point were chosen because the Field Radio group that I am a member of, was holding its first international on air event and I was looking forward to participating.

I arrived there early in the morning to give ample time to set up and was hearing lots of Jarrad VK6FFAR portable in Nannupstations on various bands. Unfortunately the poor conditions coupled with my 10 watt power limit made it impossible to break through any pileups and my only contact on the day was with fellow Bunbury Radio Club and Field Radio member Jonathan VK6JON/5. Jonathan was operating from the Coorong National Park, south of Adelaide at the time.

Club member Steve VK6HSB also paid me a visit during the session which was great. Portable operating is often a solitary undertaking, so it was good for Jarrad to have some company. Thank you Steve 🙂 .

Jarrad VK6FFAR portable in NannupWould I do it again? Absolutely in a heartbeat without hesitation. There’s nothing better than the thrill of being out portable and Jarrad encourages you all to give it a go! Thanks to the Field Radio group for organising the event. I’m looking forward very much to the next one.

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