Bunbury Dunnies on the Air 2015

BDOTAlogoOn the 14th of November the Bunbury Radio Club will host the inaugural Bunbury Dunnies on the Air (BDOTA) contest.

This short, light hearted competition encourages radio contacts between participants around the city of Bunbury using Amateur Radio, or any other legal, non-consumer radio. This will allow the CB community or other unlicensed operators to get involved.

Some people joining in the fun will be  ‘Activators’. They will work in teams to visit the registered toilets. Once there, they call on their portable radio to try and make contacts. They get points for the contacts they make with other activator teams, or even ‘chasers’.

Chasers are people who are not visiting toilets, but just making contacts with the teams who are. They might be at home, or operating from their car, or might even be an activator team driving between activations.

How can you win?

Points are awarded for every contact. An activator team contacting a chaser earns the team 5 points and the chaser one point. If an activating team contacts an activator of a different toilet, they get 10 points. This is all explained in detail on the official rules post.

Freo policing streetYou might be in a hurry to earn more points, but don’t worry if a member of the public wants to ask you what you are up to. Be polite and friendly and explain all about what a wonderful hobby Amateur Radio is. This will earn your team a whopping 20 points!

Can I call from any toilet?

Toilet LocationsGood question! No, there is a list of Registered Toilets on the rules post.  These toilets have been assessed as being safe to operate carefully from. GPS positions and approximate street addresses for these toilets are in the list. Every one of these toilets has an official number. You’ll need to provide the number when you make the contact in order to earn the points for it.

How do I keep track of all this?

Each participant in the competition needs to keep a log of what contacts have been made so we can work out the points. A proforma to print out will be provided on the rules page,  or if you have mobile internet access you can use the online logging system. Both of these will be available in the week before the competition.

How do I find out more?

Any questions about the details of the rules, or the toilets have a look at the rules post. If you wish to register your interest or ask any questions about this event, please feel free to contact the organiser Ian VK6MIB by email vk6mib@kulin.com.au

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